Band of Missfits share new single ‘Crickets’

CRICKETS cover art 1.0

Delivering slick blues riffs in a stampede of heavy rhythms, Band Of Missfits’ latest single Crickets is an exercise in faithful rock’n’roll – complete with hand claps, face-melting solos and a fiery overdriven chorus. The Perth quartet make a triumphant return to band life after lockdown forced them into more solo-based ventures. Well, they are stoked to be back… and it shows. Expertly produced by Sean LillicoCrickets is so overflowing with energy and passion that it’s the closest you’ll get to seeing Band Of Missfits on stage without actually being there.

Nominated as ‘Most Popular New Act‘ at the 2018 WAM Awards, Band Of Missfits found a loyal fanbase almost as soon as they started gigging… a testament to their ability to get a party started. What began as a solo career for the band’s frontwoman – singer-songwriter Kym Redmond – eventually grew into a full ensemble as she found herself needing a sound that was bigger, edgier and more powerful. In 2016, Redmond formed Band Of Missfits, and soon after the band released their debut EP. From there, it has been a journey of growth and dedication.

2018’s Higher Passage EP was a turning point for the band. Redmond’s songwriting departed from the more acoustic format of her previous work, into a more dirgey, muscular sound – drawing elements of classic rock and grunge into a blues-rock gumbo. The direction was a resounding success with the Band Of Missfits’ ever-increasing audience, who were drawn to the band’s lyrical honesty and exciting delivery. Summarised quite perfectly by Mysteria Maxima Magazine as ‘a great sound, a great band and a bloody great voice‘, Band Of Missfits found themselves on a roll.

And while this momentum may have been stifled by Covid 19, Band Of Missfits have resumed their quest with gusto. Still fuelled by Redmond’s candid lyrics and sing-along melodies, Crickets celebrates all that fans love about the band in one hell of a catchy single. Always progressing and upgrading their arsenal, Band Of Missfits have given Crickets their all… Redmond is at her absolute best, newcomer Jake Bignell’s lead guitar work is ferocious, and the rhythm section of bassist Lee Matheson and drummer Paul Smith is unshakably solid.

It’s difficult for any band to make plans at the moment. The looming threat of a second-wave lockdown hang over live performance, and there is no real way of knowing when touring will resume. That said, Band Of Missfits have no intention of slowing down. Crickets proves that the bridge between a band and their fans doesn’t have to come down just because of unfortunate circumstance. If anything, Band Of Missfits have proven that no matter what life throws at you, the best thing to do is just keep powering forward. Firestarter Music

Friday November 27 – The Basso, Bassendean
w/ Electric State, Filth Wizard, Here Comes the Rooster (fb event) Media assets