WAM Award nominee

In the top 4 finalists for Most Popular New Act


/Band of Missfits Biography

Band Of Missfits invent their sound using some unshakable components. The Perth four-piece bear both the smoothness of classic rock and the fuzzier tones of grunge. They can transition from a brooding country swagger to an arena-sized crescendo in a heartbeat. In fact, even when the band is at their most subdued they still sound huge. Their latest single, Nothing At All, is the perfect case in point.

Taken from their electrifying EP Higher Passage, Nothing At All makes an instant and lasting impact. Everything is big: the drums, the guitars, the vocals, and especially the hooks. This is due in no small part to producer Sean Lillico (Fur Real Studio), who has done an outstanding job of capturing the band's massive live sound and on-stage energy.

Band Of Missfits have developed substantially since their last offering – 2017's Into The Storm EP. Described by one rock critic as having an 'earthy heavy ethereal feel to it', the band's sound beautifully combines acoustic and electric instruments with a powerhouse lead vocal. Taking things down a grittier path than their debut, Band Of Missfits have found more of their edge on Higher Passage, which delivers its hooks through bitter-sweet melodies.

In just a few short years, Band Of Missfits have established themselves with a solid, no-nonsense sound and an ever-increasing repertoire of catchy, rousing songs.

As with all good rock bands though, it's the stage that matters most to Band Of Missfits. While Higher Passage shows what they can do in the studio, this is first and foremost a live band – with a workhorse gigging schedule to prove it. So their plan for the year is to play as many shows as possible, both at home and on the road, as they continuously work their way towards a debut full-length album.

“a great sound, a great band and a bloody great voice”

- Mysteria Maxima Magazine

We are;

 Kym Redmond Vocals/ Guitar.

Jake Bignell - Lead Guitar

Paul Smith on Drums

Lee Matheson - Bass Guitar & backing vocals,

Genre: Indie Alt Country rock

Band of Missfits Biography

When Perth rock outfit Band Of Missfits were a finalist for ‘Most Popular New Act’ at the 2018 WAM Awards, it was the culmination of a lot of hard work through three years of writing, recording and the kind of gigging schedule that truly defines a real rock’n’roll band.
The road began when singer/songwriter/guitarist, Kym Redmond, moved from Tom Price to Perth with plenty to write about. At this point she had already appeared on WAM’s Sounds Of Tom Price compilation, which is where she met producer, Sean Lillico, who would soon factor again into her musical path.
Redmond began performing as a solo artist mainly around the Hills area and eventually released the Lillico-produced EP, What’s Left Behind, in 2015 honouring her late brother. By 2016 Redmond craved the group energy of playing more gigs with a band dynamic and a harder rockin’ edge than her acoustically-driven pop EP. Via wanted-ads she teamed up with drummer Paul Smith and original bassist Sam Paterniti and started gigging throughout Perth and soon after their Debut Ep followed. ‘Into the Storm’ The band were keen to head into a heavier direction than their Debut ep, which they did well and truly on the Lillico-produced follow-up release, 2018’s Higher Passage.
What unites the songs on these two diverse EP releases is Redmond’s openness as a songwriter and the themes that fascinate her. On a five-track EP where four songs had the dynamics to be considered singles, Nothing At All earned its guernsey and says much of Redmond’s overall songwriting approach.
“As soon as I wrote it, I had a good feeling about it,” she says. “It came together pretty quickly, lyrically and musically. The good one's write themselves fairly quickly...  Sometimes i don't get off my chest what I'm writing about in one song and without realising it, it's carried through to the next one.
2020 is an all-new chapter as they release their 3rd Ep which will be recorded in March at Furreal Studio in Yallingup with Lillico once again heading production.
There’s plenty of places to take that massive sound and drive with Lee Matheson on Bass guitar and backing vocals, the Incredible Jake Bignell on Lead guitar (Jackson Koke, Maddcatz) and founding members Paul Smith on Drums & Kym Redmond on vocals and Rhythm guitar.
Band members:

Kym Redmond, Jake Bignell, Paul Smith & Lee Matheson

Genre: Indie rock


Band of Missfits are a great band with great songs. Kym Redmond has one of the best voices in rock, beautifully controlled and packed with power. The band plays as one and delivers their original songs with honesty and conviction. We'd have no hesitation in recommending them or having them share the stage with us again - as our crowd loved them. Thanks for rocking out with us. Hells Bells, A Salute to AC/DC.

Band of Missfits are a group with heart and soul. They are such fun loving people who really enjoy making music. They do what they do really well and have an awesome time doing it. I’m super proud of these guys! Keep fighting the good fight and bringing us originals that knock our socks off!

Love them! Awesome bunch of talented musicians on the one stage and can’t recommend highly enough to check them out!!

We went along last night and watched Band of Missfits. They were great. Loved their music and almost all of it was original. We’ll be back to see them again for sure.

Great band great people.. do ya self a favour and check em out Oi.

/Upcoming gigs

April 4th at Four5Nine bar at The Rosemount Hotel, North Perth. for Legacy Alive's single launch of 'Let it Go'